Welcome to Pooch Pals

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
- Josh Billings

About Pooch Pals

Pooch Pals was started in 2008 when we realised that sometimes even people who love their dogs need help to take care of them. You might need someone to pet-sit while you are away on holiday, or take your dog for a walk when you are in bed with a broken leg. Or pehaps you are not so young anymore and you need some help to wash your best friend and get him eto the vet for the annual vaccinations.

When you need a friend for your pooch, Pooch Pals will be there!

Five Good Reasons to Use Us

  1. Your dog's happiness comes first. We are genuine dog-lovers: this is not just a job for us.
  2. Your dog's health will be in good hands. We have established good relationships with all the vets in the area we serve, and we won't take a chance with th ehealth and well-being of your pet.
  3. You choose what you need. We have a range of services and options, so whether you need the full treatment for a long period, or just a few days of dog walks, we can help you.
  4. You choose your Pooch Pal. Some dogs like females more, other dogs porefer males. Two of us will meet your dog and you can decide who is the best match for your dog.
  5. You have peace of mind. We always provide a list of our customers, so you can speak to them yourself to get references.

Meet The Pals

Pooch Pals is a team of 4 dedicated young people, all of whom are dog devotees and champions of animal rights:

Our location

We want to spend as much time as possible with your pet, at a cost you can afford. Unfortunately this means we have had to limit the area in which we can provide our srvices to keep travelling time as low as possible. So for now we can only offer our services in Centurion.